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No Faith in Doctors?

I have a discharge from my left nipple that looks like milk and/or slightly discolored brown, and absolutely no pain or discomfort.  Having it checked out the Doctor squeezed even more discharge out of it...He mentioned a blocked milk gland, and suggested sugery. I really don't trust him, and am scheduled for a mammogram. I am just terrified that if it is a sist or something other than that the mammogram pressure might cause it to burst. I stopped taking hormones a year or more ago, after having taken them for many years.  I also wanted to ask what is the test for checking hormone levels. My primary doctor never even mentioned that?  
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Discharge from the breast when pressure is applied isn't all that abnormal. The blocked milk duct sounds quite reasonable. If you don't trust the Dr. you saw, why not get a second opinion ?? If you don't feel a lump I doubt that a cyst is involved and a mammogram wouldn't cause one to burst; it will however no doubt produce more of the discharge you describe.
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