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Normal mammogram, abnormal sonogram

I got a combo mammogram and sonogram last week and the Mammogram showed nothing, but the sonogram picked up a hypoechoic mass in my left breast. I was informed that it was Birad-0 incomplete. I was told to come back from another sonogram which I am. I saw the sonogram image and the mass wasn't quite oval and it was closer to grey then black. I haven't talk to any medical profession yet. And it's driving me crazy not knowing if this is something bad or just a routine just in case. I suffer from anxiety disorder and this has caused me to just kind of shut down.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We appreciate your question.  You've likely had the follow up sonogram?  Bi rad score of zero means abnormal but not suspicious.  The scale is Bi rad 0 to 6.  6 is definite cancer. So, you truly originally got a result that indicates they just want to take a closer look. This is good medicine and they are being thorough.  I know it is worrisome especially when one has anxiety. But most of the time, these re checks result in an all clear.  Please know that many benign masses can be hypoechoic and even resemble cancer. But ARE benign. Please let us know how your follow up went.  
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