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Now what?

My breast has been swollen, warm(not constantly) and skin that has stayed consistently pink or red for about 4 months.  There is also a hard lump or mass between my collarbone and breast that started small but has become larger in all directions.  I noticed some tiny red spots(look like red felt tip pen dotted by abdomen and chest) that have increased over about a week.  I am exhausted all the time, there an increasing amount of time I am in pain when I walk and sometimes when I am sitting(enough to make me cry a couple of times).  I am only 33 years old and the doctors made me feel like I was a nuisance to them because I am fighting to get a diagnosis.  I have had a mammogram, ultrasound and an incisional biopsy(even though there was no lump and he practically asked me where to do the biopsy right before the procedure).  I had a ct scan this week that showed no abnormality in chest wall(then what is this lump?) with a recommendation for a checkup in six months.  I am scared about inflammatory breast cancer.  I have read that it does not have to be the entire breast that is affected by IBC to make a diagnosis.  Should I just wait the six months or should I bother them for a skin biopsy.  It feels like they think that I am being ridiculous, but how can I have all of these symptoms and everything still be ok?  Please give me your opinion as a doctor as to what I should do.
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Dear beeker:  There are a couple of options.  One is to discuss your feelings with your doctor and ask specifically about the hard lump on your chest and the skin biopsy.  Either would be a fairly simple procedure.  The other option, particularly if you are feeling negative about the relationship with your doctor, is to seek a second opinion from a breast specialist.  While your at it, a good physical from an internist may help to determine if some of your findings are not breast related.
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I'd do a biopsy of the red skin, and/or of the lump near the collarbone. Or, at minimum, a second opinion from another breast surgeon.
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