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Hello!  I was recently in the ovarian cancer forum and had surgery and was diagnosed with "borderline ovarian cancer" which means the tumors were benign, but could turn cancerous.  The cure was to remove it.

Now, believe me, I am not a hypochondriac and I dread even going to the doctor again.  But I am having symptoms in my breast.

I am still nursing my child, and this isn't mastitis.  For six months I've had stabbing pains in my left breast.  I also feel some pain radiating down my arm now and then.  I also feel this heaviness, like sometimes it is painful to breathe.  I even went to the ER (first time ever) in April, thinking I was having a heart attack.  They said it was anxiety with the pending surgery.  

I've read about IBC, but I have absolutely no visual changes in my breast, just this pain!  Maybe since those visual changes come on fast, I'm early IBC?

Could it be something like lung cancer?

I don't know.  My doctor said to take a mammogram, but I am nursing and I know it will be inconclusive.

What is your advice, please!

I am a coffee addict, but I figured if it was cafeine related then it would be both breasts, not one.

Interestingly enough, as a nursing Mom of several kids (almost six years nursing), it was always this left breast that had the breast infections and problems.

What could it be now?  Please ANYONE with ideas, I'd love to just chat about this a bit.  THANK YOU!
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Hello Grateful06
I am 41 year old woman with the exact same pain you are discribing. I have dull, to sharp, shooting pain in by right armpit that radiates down the inside of my arm and into my right breast. My breast feels heavy and foreign to me. Obviously I was concerned with this and went to have a mammogram. The first film came back showing something odd, so the radiologist wanted another mammogram. The second one came back fine, but they wanted me back again in 6 months just to be on the safe side. Had another mammogram 4 months ago to total 3
this year.  I've have this pain off and on for the last two years. Some days I feel no pain and other days it is constant all day. Just two days ago I went to a new doctor and he told me he thought it was maybe a nerve problem. I requested a ultrasound and plan to have one within the week. I have read other stories from women that have had the exact same problem (and no lumps) and it has turned out to be cancer, even though cancer supposedly does not manifest itself with this pain. I don't know what to believe, but my suggestion to you is to do everything you can have done to find out what is causing this pain. I am doing the same. Good Luck
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Hi LucyGoosey & grateful06
I have had a similar problem for the last 4 months - pain, aching, discomfort, tenderness, heaviness in my right breast and under my arm.

I have seen my Doctor who had my blood tested for white blood cell count (infection), hormone levels and thyroid - all came back normal.  I'm now due to go for a mammogram scan in 3 weeks.

I found an older string within this forum that suggested vitamin E, Evening Primrose, lymphatic massage and reducing caffeine can all help. Also this website has some good information: http://www.womentowomen.com/breasthealth/breastpain.asp?id=1&campaignno=breastpain&adgroup=adgroup1&keywords=sore+breasts
Good luck to you both
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I read your comment and I see myself about 7 years ago.  I had mastitis in my left breast while breastfeeding.  It healed and about a year later I had these strange pains in that same area.  The arm was also affected.  I kept asking my doctor and he said "it doesn't hurt to have cancer".  I turned 40 that year and started having mammograms.  All were normal and I got used to this strange feeling that would come and go.  Every year I would hear "you're too young to have cancer" or "your too healthy to have cancer".  I thought it was caffeine, cut out that for a while.  Then, 18 months ago, I found a lump.  It was in the same place.  I went to the doctor and had another mammogram and even an ultrasound.  They told me it was a cyst and they can cause those 'nerve' feelings down the arm.  On my next yearly visit, I had a mammogram and another ultrasound and they found that my 'cyst' was invasive ductal carcinoma.  It had been in the duct and had eventually 'burst' through into the surrounding area (finally producing a 'lump').  I've found all of this out last month.

I've learned something very important.  Listen to your body and your heart.  You know yourself better than anyone.  If you have a feeling that something isn't right, have it checked out again, by someone else.  Don't just take the word of a radiologist who says "it's nothing" like I did.  I was so relieved to hear her say that and I was happy to let it go.  I should have secured a second opinion.  Don't listen when people, or doctors say "you're too young, etc..." They don't really know, they are just guessing.  Unless it is confirmed by a biopsy, they don't know.  New mammograms that are digital are better at picking out cancers early.  My surgeon told me that she even had a hard time seeing mine on the mammogram, were it not for the lump and knowing where it was.  

I hope this helps you.  Let me know how things go.
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