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PAINFUL fibroadenomas! Help please!

24 years old. Toronto, Canada

2-3months ago I had severe pain in my left breast. I did a self exam and found a lump. Went to the hospital and family doctor and specialist and eventually they came to the conclusions that ithe was a fibroadenoma. Since the first lump I now have 5 more. I am in constant pain. I cannot work out, wear a bra, and showering and wearing a seat belt is painful. I can barely make it through a full day at work because the pain is so terrible and exhausting. My family doctor is reluctant to opt for surgery.
I am worried about the rate that these are popping up. Going from no lumps to 6 in 2-3 months seems extreme. I am worried that if it continues at this rate they will be able to preserve very little breast tissue if I have them removed.

Will OHIP cover reconstruction if I am left deformed from removal of the fibroadenomas? Or will I have to pay out of pocket?

These have changed my lifestyle completely. I am extremely depressed and the constant pain is really taking its tole.

Tomorrow I am trying Reiki. My aunt does it. So it's kind of a last resort.

Does anyone have any advice? I cannot live my life like this!!!!
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You don't say what tests your doctor has done. Sounds to me like you need to be referred to a good surgeon and that he would probably want to do mammography and perhaps a needle or open biopsy. You need to get some straight answers from a competent, ethical surgeon and then you can start to put this worry behind you. By the way, worrying about pain just makes the pain worse.
Thanks for your comment. I've had about 4 or 5 ultrasounds. I have an appointment with my GP on the 22nd to discuss the newest lumps. Am also going to see a naturopath to see what they say
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I see no reason for not removing these fibroadenomas if they are as painful as you have stated. This of course won't mean that more will develop as this is the way of Fibrocystic Condition. As far as your Medical Coverage you would have to contact the head of your ins. program there in Canada .... I know nothing of your coverage there and what they will allow.
This condition by the way affects nearly half of all women and at any age. There is thought that these solid masses are connected to simple cysts which occur in relation to hormonal levels. After the age of 40 they are usually removed without question. Perhaps another visit with the Specialist you mentioned in your post OR possibly a different Breast Specialist for yet another opinion.  Kindest regards  and good luck finding a solution to this painful issue.
Thank you for your comment.
I have an appointment with my GP to discuss the most recent lumps and hopefully get a referral to the best hospital in Toronto. I have been told they will know more about this condition. Going to try the naturopath route as well. I'll try anything to stop the pain lol
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I agree with Japdip that very painful or large Fibroadenomas are usually removed. Please keep in mind that in many cases fibroadenomas could go away on their own within a few years, but since you have multiple painful ones, I think that for cosmetic reason, a Mastectomy and Breast reconstruction would be a good option.
However, if you have been diagnosed that the lump in your breast is indeed a simple fibroadenomas, (including the new ones) you could try a few home remedies for a while and see how it goes, before you decide to have surgery.
Acupuncture, for one, can be helpful and I think it's worth trying it. Also an effective anti-inflammatory, evening primrose oil can soothe pain and help shrink lumps. Consuming less coffee and caffeine-based products is also advisable. Increased intake of vitamin C could also help ease and prevent inflammation. But please check with your health care provider if you would like to consume vitamin supplements so as to determine the right dosages.
Now about the Health coverage, I know that Breast reconstruction is covered by most provincial health insurance plans for women who have breast cancer and the amount and type of coverage vary across Canada. I really have no idea, since you don’t have breast cancer, if you’ll be covered as well, but you could check your provincial health insurance plan and see what they tell you. You could also call The Canadian Cancer Society to get more information. 1-888-939-3333
I hope this helps and I wish you well….
Great comment. Thank you. Your information was very helpful. My husband found a naturopath in my area that was recommended. I am going to try that. I have gotten evening primrose oil and am trying to decrease my caffeine but I am terrible at remembering to take medication! I will try your suggestions and hopefully I may be able to avoid surgery. Thanks!
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