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Pagets disease? 15 years old, please help?

hiya :) im 15 years old (female) and i am really worried about my nipples and if they are "normal" or not. my nipples (mainly the right one which is inverted) are very dry and i keep on getting white bits on them which i can scratch off. i have been reading up on the internet and i have read that it is a symptom of pagets disease. i have been to the doctors about a lump in my breast before and she said that it is ok because i am growing. she also noticed that i had a inverted nipple and she said it is ok ( because i think i have always had it). the white flacky nipple came after i saw the doctor though. The flacky bits are not always there but it is there most days. do you think there is any chance i could have pagets? also my nipples are sometimes itchy but not really bad. i have never had bloody discharge but sometimes i get a clear shimmer on my nipples that i can see in the light but it isnt always there. thanks
ps. i asked my mum and she said that it is probably a hair in my bra or something (which i know it isnt because i change my bra and wash them daily). she didnt exactly give me a answer to my question which is why im asking on here x
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