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Pain above my right...

Two days ago I realized i had pain above my right breast above my ribs. I am a female so I worry about breast cancer. When i try to strech to see if it goes away i hurts more and i have difficulty breathing it also irradiates to my right sholder blade.
Plesae help me, thank you
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It's more likely that this pain is caused by a strained  muscle,rather than a breast problem especially if you have no other symptoms,like a lump,nipple indentation, nipple discharge, breast swelling and redness.
Breast cancer would almost never present with a pain such as you have described.
Try to rest your right arm and apply moist heat on the area that hurts and see how it goes.If after a week or two, the pain still persists,than by all means consult you HCP for an examination to make sure that your breasts are healthy.
Take care..
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