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Pain in left side of breast

I am young I get yearly mama grams just had one 9 months ago after my so was born, I am breast feeding and I woke this morning with pain in my left breast, not down by the nipple but up tower the top on the left side of the boob , it don't seem to be swallon or red, don't really feel a lump, and I doubt it is bruised for I've had no injure any ideas what it could be? Its a constant pain and
Does hurt more when he feed on the opposite side?
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Hi there,
You don't say why are you having yearly mammograms at your young age.
Anyway,this pain you are describing sounds like you have a plugged milk duct.
Try using warm compresses and gentle massage the area that hurts. Also take a warm shower and let the water run on your breast.Try feeding frequently and start every feeding on the left side until you get it cleared up.You could also try pumping after feedings to help drain that breast.
Don’t wear any tight bras, it will just make it worse and can actually be what caused the blocked milk ducts in the first place.
If these home remedies don't solve the problem soon,then see your doctor,in case you have an infection (mastitis) and you might need antibiotics.
Best wishes....
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