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Pain in my left breast

I have really bad pain in my left breast it has been there for about 6 weeks now. I went to the doctor yesterday as I was getting concerned it was not going away. He told me that it could be an infection even though I do not have a fever there is no redness either. My breast is lumpy in general and am unable to tell if there is a new lump as it is so painful to touch. He rarely checked it and said because of my age and no breast cancer family history I would be ok and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. I know I would be at a higher risk if a family member had breast cancer but it is not uncommon for someone to get cancer these days when there is no family history.
Should I get a second opinion. Should I get a second opinion?
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I think you should wait and give the antibiotic a chance to work before seeking a second opinion. Breast pain can be due to a variety of causes but rarely associated with breast cancer. If the condition hasn't improved after you have finished the prescription then I would suggest that you see a Breast Specialist for possibly an Ultrasound; this very well may be either a cyst or Fibroadenoma (both benign) and the pain may decrease in relation to your hormone levels.   Regards ....
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