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Pain under the right arm near breast!


About a week ago, I had trouble sleeping on my chest my right breast was very painful to lie on also at the same time a felt a funny tingling pain in my right foot on the inner side. Since then my breast pain in more promenant and the other day I had tingling pains in my arm and my leg and felt a gland in my groun come up. Now im just getting pain in the the right breast. Im really worried now as think it is all conected. If i press under my arm I can fell a small lump which hurts to press. I want to A and E but the nurse did nt have a clue what was wrong with me but is sending me for an ultra sound. Im only 25 and have no family history of problems.
As Im writing this im having pains down my right arm...

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Dear butterfly327:  Without evaluation, it is not possible for us to speculate on what might be causing your symptoms.  Breast cancer is not usually painful.  Arm and leg tingling is not a typical presentation for breast cancer.  We recommend that you see your doctor for evaluation.
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