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Hi there,

I had a cancerous lump removed from my breast and they also removed some benign regional lymph nodes.

I also had Chemo and Radiotheraphy for nine months.

It is fourteen months since the operations and I am fully recovered except for the pains I have in the middle of my chest (on the bone) that travels to the right breast when I make a sudden movement.

The doctor who performed the operations said there is nothing to worry about.

But I am not so sure and would like to know more about this pain and whether I can do anything about it.

Can you help?



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Hi there.

The pain that you are experiencing maybe an inevitable consequence of the surgery or the radiation therapy, as these two procedures may damage your sensory nerves leading to pain.  I agree with your surgeon that you may have nothing to worry about at this point.  Some remedies that other people have used and that we have recommended with our patients is rehabilitation exercises.  These exercises should loosen up some muscles and fibrous tissue in that area that could lessen the pain symptoms.  Alternative treatments can also be considered like accupressure or accupuncture.  As always, you should discuss these first with your doctor.  Rehab exercises are usually recommended by Rehabilitation Medicine specialists.

Regards and God bless...
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Thanks for that info, PaulMD,

I will consult my Doctor about the accupressure/accupuncture.
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