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Painful Lump Awaiting Biopsy

Three weeks ago I was having pain under my right arm and in my right breast.  I saw my doctor, had ultrasound, was called back next day for same day mammogram.   Confirmed I had a hard mass the size of a large shooting alley in my right breast.  Blood tests showed high platelets and anemia.  I have been feeling dragged out and my nipples have changed shape from round (dark area around nipple - don't know how to spell areola?) to oval.  I was sent for a bone scan withing 5 days.   I am awaiting results.  I have been in a severe car accident over 13 years ago and have had 5 neck surgeries and live day to day with pain.  I have a high pain threshold.  The fact that my breast and under my arm rose above my daily pain levels is troubling to me.  Also, having done a little research into the bone scan.  I was sent for a breast scan but was called back for a total body scan.  I experience a lot of pain in every area of my body where I had either broken bones (4 toes, 2 ankles, knee) and where I had my neck surgeries but also experience pain on my right breast, under my right arm and in my right lateral area of my back directly aligning with my breast.  I have not been able to find anyone else who said that the bone scan hurt them.  I realize I have arthritis where my injuries occurred.  Is this normal for a bone scan to hurt?  How long should the average wait time be for me to get results and be referred for surgery?  I have already been waiting 2 1/2 weeks to hear from the surgeon regarding the lump removal/biopsy.
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I would think your Bone Scan report will be faxed to your prescribing Physician's office. You might give them a call to see if they have the results. Bone scans do not hurt .... none of the scan types cause any discomfort except for lying still for the length of time required to complete the test. It would be up to your regular Dr. to refer you for any further treatment that may be required such as surgery. I would think that a biopsy would be done first before any additional surgery and this may be done by either a Radiologist or a Surgeon. Regards .....
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