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Painful Lump under under male breast

I am a 23 year old male and for several years now I've had a painful lump or disc under my left nipple.  It is very painful, but only when touch.  It hurts to lay down on my chest and hug others or simply bump it.  For a while both of my breasts (male breasts that is) were the same size, but my left one (the one with the painful lump) is larger.  I also have many visible lumps or bumps under my armpits (sometimes I get one that hurts in the left armpit).  I previously had a mammogram done and was told I had some type of fibrocystic mass in the breast.  I am also very thin for my age and height (5'10 120lbs).  If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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The lump in your breast evidently was diagnosed as a cyst which can be quite painful. If you are subject to Fibrocystic condition then there may indeed be more of these lumps that will occur from time to time. As far as the lumps in your armpit ... these may well be enlarged lymph nodes and this can occur for several reasons. You might consider a re-check with your Physician to find the cause of the lymph node swelling. If the Fibrocystic lesions in the breast become very uncomfortable, as yours seems to be,  they can be removed surgically so you might also ask about that also.   Good Luck .....  
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