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Painful Scar Tissue

My wife recently had a biopsy performed and thankfully it was not cancer. But she's been in severe pain since the surgery at the site of the scar. It is so painful that she walks around "carrying" her breast in her arm to help support it and keep it from moving. When she showers the water running over it causes pain and even a gentle brush or caress hurts. If this is indeed scar tissue pain, what can be done about it? Our doctors are at a loss, where do we go to find out an answer?
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Hi, I was just going to post the same question. I had a biopsy performed in January 2007, thankfullly it was not cancer, ADH. My incision is only about  4cm, but still is sore. I went to my Doctor in May and had an ultrasound. They said it is most likely scar tissue. My tumor was only .7cm. One would think it would have healed and not cause any pain by now.
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