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Painful breast lump that has now lead to pain on ribs, nipple discharge, headaches

Last year when I was 20 (4/2014) I felt a strange lump on my breast that I had checked out by my primary doctor. She referred me to get a ultrasound. Once I did the doctor said there was a benign tumor and he could do surgery to remove it. However he didn't want to because I have dense breast tissue and he didn't want to disrupt it. So he said to keep and eye on it and if I notice anything different to go and see him again. Then the stupid hospital wouldn't cover the ultrasound because they said it wasn't considered preventative health even though breast cancer does run in my family at a young age. And there response was you are 20 you wouldn't have breast cancer anyways. ( I cried because I was being a good person and getting my body checked out; but this lady from the aurora billing department was just beyond mean to me, she didn't care because I was 20.)
Anyways, So a year later now I am 21 (03/2015) I experienced a  new strange painful lump on the same breast (right side). I still have the original one and now I have this one that is so painful it hurts to even touch at times. I thought it was a strange period side effect since I had my period for 3 weeks. So I didn't make a doctors appointment. After two months since that strange 3 week cycle it was still there and still just as painful. So I made a doctors appointment. My primary doctor said she could diffidently feel this one and I should go and get an ultrasound again. I made my appointment and I saw the same ultrasound doctor as I did before. And he said nothing showed up and I am fine. I was thinking great, but why am I going on 3 months of pain. he said something about hormones and junk. then he said I don't know every women is different. Then he asked me if I have gotten an ultrasound before and I said yes by you. And he gave a I forgot along with a confused face and said what was the results the first time. And I told him you said I had a benign tumor and you didn't want to remove it. He then said well I just looked and it said your ultrasound was normal. ( I looked at it the night before through the aurora website and it said I as recommended towards something called a clinical management, Don't know what that means.) I am instantly thinking what a QUACK! this doctor doesn't take me seriously. All he said was your fine and left the ultrasound room. (both times my mother came along with me as moral support, she was even confused but happy to hear im fine.)
Now being two weeks later I am now experiencing weird things and im scared and confused.
Like I said breast cancer does run in my family. On both sides. The most recent was my grandma she was diagnosed in her early 50s.
Now I don't want to think the worst and go towards breast cancer. But I just don't know what is wrong with me.
The symptoms I am now experiencing in order from after the ultrasound is:
I have pain on my rib that is below the right side, and this hurts when being touched too! (I have not bumped or injured this area)
I have a liquid discharge from my nipple randomly. Ill go to take off my clothes to change or take a shower and I have crusty stuff from the nipple from this liquid that is coming out. I have never had children or have been pregnant.
Also from the nipple It has became peely, scabby, I can peel the skin off and it doesn't hurt but it does itch at times when I do.  
Now I am not sure if this plays together or not but I have had these killer headaches and some really bad memory loss. Maybe its from stress with the doctors not taking me seriously or from this constant pain. but I cant remember things for the life of me. At work I was on the phone looking for something for a customer, I had to ask the customer 5 times what the item was in a probably 3 minute conversation... This customer probably thought who do they have working for them? I cant remember the day. Ill wake up thinking its a Tuesday and end of the day thinking its a Friday when in reality it is a Thursday. I cant remember what I have even eaten the day before half the time. The only way I can remember things is if I write them down. I have a calendar by me all the time now. And now I have these terrible headaches. It gets fuzzy then painful. And then it leads to me being dizzy.

I haven't seen any of my doctors since the ultrasound in march of 2015. And now it is april 11th of 2015 and all this is happening.

I am just so confused on what to do and what this all means... Doctors don't take me seriously and I am lost. All I know is what I am experiencing is not normal. So any help on what to do next or enlighten me on what this could be I would greatly appreciate it!  
I will be 22 next month is May. I am about to go about 3 years with this problem.
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First of all I don’t think that your headaches and memory loss have anything to do with your breast problems.Radiologist are quite able to identify benign looking lumps depending on their characteristics  seen on Ultrasound imaging. These lumps in your breast could very well be cysts or Fibroadenomas (Both benign lumps) which are common at your age.  They are usually left alone unless they become too large or painful. A Cyst ( fluid filled sac) can be aspirated by fine needle (FNA) and a Fibroadenoma (Solid lump) can be removed if it also cause pain or grow in size.
Nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer and at your age this possibility is highly unlikely.The problem could be hormonal,especially if you are on birth control pills or some other type of medication..
I understand that you are worried about BC because it runs in your family ,but please note that painful lumps are rarely associated with this disease but usually caused by hormonal fluctuation in the  body. Avoiding foods and beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and dark colas, can decrease water retention and may help alleviate the discomfort.
The best advice I could give you is to ask your Doctor to refer you to a Breast Specialist for a detailed clinical examination.He/she will sort things out for you and determine if your condition warrants further investigation.
Take care..

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