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Painful nipples after breast cancer

2 1/2 year breast cancer survivor from IDC, 2B. Treatment was lumpectomy and radiation. No cancer found in lymph nodes. Last mammogram showed calcification in both breast and recommendation was to come back in 6 months for another mammogram. NOW, I have severe pain in b oth nipples and noticing bc breast nipple is becoming flat. No discharge from either nipple. I am on the 5 year plan and prescribed arimidex. The side effects of arimidex are miserable and I stopped taking it for several months until my oncologist chewed me out for not taking it. So, I'm back on it. Every survivor's nightmare is the return of breast cancer, so I am very scared. Any help?
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Also, wearing a bra is causing painful red lines under both breasts. At first I thought it might be a rash and treated it with cream. It just seems to get more painful to wear a bra, and believe me I need to wear a bra! During my radiation treatment on right breast, I suffered from 3rd degree burns from my armpit down to the bottom of my rib cage. So bad I had to stop treatment 3 times to give the burns time to heal so they could just go back and burn me again. Could this cause the tenderness under my breasts?
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Breast or nipple pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,especially when the discomfort is bilateral.
There can be several possibilities that could cause nipples pain.To name a few,it could be just skin irritation caused by clothing,allergies and hormonal changes.Breast pain and nipple sensitivity are very often symptoms associated with pre menopause or menopause.It could be simply your body's reaction to the changes in your hormone levels.Arimidex could also cause breast pain.Try to avoid caffeine,whether in coffee or other food and drinks.
Concerning your breasts calcification,Radiologists are quite able to identify typically benign breast calcification depending on their form and pattern.If no suspicion is detected a biopsy is not required to prevent unnecessary procedures.A 6 months follow up is standard procedure to make sure that no changes have occurred.
I don't think that your symptoms are alarming,but since you have just noticed changes in your nipple,and pain under your breasts,I would advise you to see your Oncologist or a Breast Specialist for a breast exam due to the fact that you had breast cancer in the past and you should be extra vigilant when something doesn't appear normal to you.
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Post menopausal. There was a cluster of calcification around where the original lump was removed. One caffeinated drink per week at most and live with Mom who is diabetic, so my diet is in line with her requirements. My nipples are shrinking into my breast. I'm thinking I might just go back to my water front property on the river in Africa - D'Nile :)
Thanks for your reply.
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