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I am a 28 year old woman, I was on here in Late 2007 because I had found a breast lump in my left breast, it was round and large, but mushy and movable. I had an ultrasound and a biopsy and it turned out to be benign (spelling). This lump is still there, and does get tender close to my monthly cycle. But yesterday during my monthly self exam, and due to some breast tenderness I found a lump in the right breat, or rather the armpit area. This lump is very small, and very hard (like a bb). It is sore when I put pressure on it, and it does not move at all. It is long, like two bbs stuck together, not round.
This lump is located between my breast and my armpit toward the front but deeper than surface tissue.
I have had two breast augmentations in the past so it can be difficult to tell what is real tissue and what is not...but this is no where near where the incisions were made or where the implants are located.
I am scared. I do not want to rush to the doctor this time becasue I do not want to appear paranoid, im a bit emberassed about how freaked out I was last time when it turned out to be nothing.
Could this be something to worry about or am I being paranoid?
How long should I wait to see if it goes away before being seen by a doctor?
Someone told me that if it was cancer that it would not be sensitive, is this true?
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Sorry I didnt mean to post a duplicate...I was trying to post it to the ask a doctor forum, but no luck...
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Hi, You are right when you say that when a lump is painful to the touch it rarely suggest cancer.What I don't understand is your reluctance to seek medical help.Anything that appears abnormal in the breast should always be checked by a doctor who (I'm sure) will never think that you are overreacting.Being scared is far worse than finding out what this lump is.I would suggest to promptly have this lump checked out,it could be a simple cyst and your doctor will know what to do about it,also you'll stop being worried and be so scared....wouldn't that be better?.Best wishes
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First .... congratulations ... you spelled benign correctly LOL.  Nevermind the paranoid part ... there's no such thing when it comes to something concerning the breast ... go have it ck.d out. Could be a lymph node or something else. Get yourself to the Doc for an exam and let him/her decide if it's something to worry about.    Take care ....
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