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Pea size lump under armpit since 2010

I still have the pea size lump under my armpit since 2010 and now its almost 2015.now i am 22..I asked my lecturer n he reffered me to an oncologist.is it dangerous?the lump is circular and is like a small pea size marble.ive been doing physical checkup now and then but they never seem to find anything wrong.last week,my left breast feels pain.and i was wondering is the lump symptoms of breast cancer?or any metastatic cancer?i am very worried especially because ive been studying such diseases.(im a dental student)
I have no family history of such illness.
I dont smoke nor i drink alcohol.
I once asked for a mammogram but the doctor said its better tht i dont do it.he suggest ultrasound scanning to me.
Anyhow,whats ur diagnosis of my problem.
Is it dangerous?

This discussion is related to an unpainful pea size lump for over a year under my left armpits.
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Ultrasound is definitely the preferred method in this case. IF you had some symptom in the breast itself then perhaps but at your young age a Mammogram would be of little value due to the dense nature of the breast tissue. I would suspect that this may well be an enlarged lymph node. This often occurs when there is some type of infection somewhere in the body and it is quite common that the node will not return to it's original size; a small bean. I would say go forward with the Ultrasound and if the node indicates something other than just enlargement, and especially since it has been stable for 4 years I suppose it could be biopsied by needle aspiration. This of course would be at the discretion of your treating Physician. Lymph nodes can be involved with Breast Cancer BUT you have no direct symptoms so this would not be a consideration here.  Breast pain is not unusual and most often is associated with Hormone levels but rarely with Breast Cancer.  When you have your Ultrasound please add a comment to this post to let us know the results ... Regards
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