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Pea sized tumor

I have recently been diagnosed  with breast cancer. A pea sized non agressive cancer , in sept. 2014. My mammogram showed clear  last year. How long would this have taken to develop?
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Most information is general and shouldn't be used on an individual case. No one as far as I know can know exactly how long it takes for a Breast Cancer to grow to any particular size. Some of these estimates or opinions can be very misleading and we rarely quote statistics here in our Community due to the generalities and knowing that each and every case of BC is different in some way.  
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Breast cancer development can vary according to the type of cancer.Sometimes cancer can develop after many years,but it is possible for a mammogram to be negative one year and be positive the next. As a rule Mammograms should always be accompanied by some other tests like Ultrasound or MRI,particularly if the breast tissue is dense or if the lesion looks suspicious on films.
I am sorry that you have just been diagnosed with BC,but the good thing is that the tumor is rather small and also a non aggressive one. I am sure you’ll be doing just fine after you complete the treatments that your Surgeon and Oncologist will plan and recommend for you.
Wishing you all the best and prompt recovery.
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