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Peeling blister on my breast

I currenty have a blister on my left breast just underneath the nipple a little to the left.  It started out as pimple looking and a few days later it started peeling skin.  Now it is about the size of a quarter and continuing to peel wider and wider.  Just before discovering this pimple thing, I had a boil or cyst underneath my arm.  I went into my family doctor and she lanced it open.  I showed her the pimple looking thing on my breast but she didn't see concerned.  Now that it has gotten so big it is starting to scare me.  It kindof looks like a spider bite.

About 4 years ago I had the same thing happen to my right breast and my GYN said he believed it was a spider bite.  It did eventually go away.

I consistenly get cyst underneath my arms and my doctor thought it could be a bacteria staff from using a razor over and over.  I have tried using new razors and the same result.  I am not sure if the two are even related.

I did have a mammogram in October and everything was clear.  Both my grandmother and mother have had Breast Cancer caught very early or non agressive.

I'm not sure what to do....do I go to my doctor again?  Is there a chance that I got an identical spider bite in the same place as last time just a different breast?
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Well, something's not right!  I think you should see your dr. again, and perhaps you might consider a dermatologist.  

Let us know how it turns out, ok?


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