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Pimple on nipple and breastmilk after breastfeeding

Hi... I have stopped breastfeeding my daughter for probably a year but i still have breast milk. It has not dried up . It does not leak but if i squeeze my nipples ( both sides) it will ooze. I have also had continues cramps at the time of my period after birth which i never use to experience before. I am on the pill for four months now as suggested by a doctor. But the "milk" is not drying.
#1 is this normal? What should i be concerned about?
#2 about three weeks ago i noticed a pimple on my right nipple. It is not painful yet this breast always felt heavier to me. I had a breast  done about 1 and half months ago and the doctor said it was fine. Should i be worried about breast cancer? Why isn't my milk going? Can it be anything else? Please please help
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Hi there,
Pimples can appear on your breast or nipple as on any other part on the body.They can occur for various reasons, from pores clogged with dead skin and oil, to bacterial infection and even from stress and hormones.
Usually these types of pimples go away on their own, but if you notice a lot of pain, redness or swelling, you should see your doctor or a dermatologist so this condition can be treated.
Now, nipple discharge, which can come in a variety of colors and consistency,is normal and very common when the breasts are squeezed (even years after breast feeding is over) and it's rarely a sign of breast cancer,particularly when it happens in both breasts.Some women are more prone to nipple discharge especially when they are on birth control pills,certain blood pressure medications or on major tranquilizers.
Take care to avoid nipple stimulation( including frequent checks for discharge)  because it can actually make the discharge persist.If you stop squeezing the nipple,most probably the discharge will also stop.
When to be alarmed about nipple discharge,it's when it happens only on one side, comes out spontaneously( without squeezing),is persistent and bloody or is associated with a lump, nipple or skin changes etc...
If you are worried,you should consult your doctor for a clinical examination to clear out any doubt okay?
Take care...
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