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Please Answer

Look at this photo and answer please, is this a nipple inversion or retraction?

one of my nipples looks like this


it looks like shown in this picture and sometimes it's in an ordinary position, pulled out.

I've had it for approximetely 18 months, I had a little white discharge first, in the beginning from one breast and then from another one too, but now it's gone and I haven't had it for 10 months.
I don't have any lupms in my breast or armpit.
I'm 22 years old.
Can it be breast cancer?
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First of all I don't think you have cancer.
If your nipple has been this way for that long and sometimes changes to ordinary position,I don't think that you should worry about it.However, if the nipple becomes inverted and you have other symptoms, like a rash, redness, itch or swelling, have this evaluated further to rule out any underlying cause.From the photo, I don't see that you have an inverted nipple,but just slightly flat.This could be due to hormonal changes.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to have your breasts checked out by your Doctor..
Best wishes...
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Unable to access the jpg but that really has no bearing on my answer to your concerns. We cannot diagnose over the internet under any circumstances. The symptoms you describe don't seem related to breast cancer ... if you had this problem as you state for 18 months but haven't had it now for 10 months I can't quite see why you would be concerned now. I would think that you should have seen your Dr. 2 years ago or more when the problem first was noticed. Symptoms that involve both breasts rarely have any connection to breast cancer. If this condition does return then you need to see you Dr. ..... the internet is no place to obtain a diagnosis.  Regards ....
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Thanx so much
I thin I do have a cancerphobia :D Sometimes I have panic attacks of it :(
And a very bad thing is that yeasterday I read all possible symptoms of breast cancer and it caused me to really panic :(
Now I feel a bit better but I'm still scared a little.
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Hi there, your nipple looks perfectly normal to me. Kat
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