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Possible Inflammatory Breast Cancer? Pictures

August I got a raised red rash on my left breast, I got scared thinking it was inflammatory breast cancer, so I went and saw a breast cancer surgeon. She said no use hydrocortisone cream and it should go away. A few days later I got a raised welt type rash on the same breast. That too went away. A few weeks later another Rash but on my left breast this time, after hydrocortisone that went away too. Then Nov 10th I started getting another rash on my left breast. It has grown and isnt responding to hydrocortisone cream. I went back to the breast cancer surgeon and she looked at it and told me she's 99.9% sure it's not Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I begged her to do a biopsy but she wouldn't, she said I'm sending you to a Dermatologist. So I went to the dermatologist and she looked at it and said it looks like eczema and prescribed me some denose cream, which I've used twice and notice no difference, but now I feel a burning sensation.
I literally can't get anyone to do a biopsy, I'm scared to death of having Inflammatory Breast Cancer. But nobody is taking me serious, so I'm looking for other possible causes of this rash. No new foods, no new soaps etc.

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If you have no other symptoms except this rash,I would tend to think that it's not IBC,but rather a bad allergic reaction or eczema as your dermatologist has suggested.Having the same problem in both breasts is usually a good sign because it means that the underlying cause is almost certainly not cancer.
The usual symptom a IBC is an increase in breast size over a relatively short period of time (sometimes a cup size in a few days)
Itching that is unrelenting and unrelieved by oral drugs or topical agents.
Nipple flattening and discharge
Breast is excessively warm to the touch
Breast is harder or firmer than usual and excessively warm to the touch.
Breast pain that may be constant or stabbing.
Swollen lymph nodes in the axillary area (underarm) or the supraclavicular area (above the collarbone)
You stated that you have not used any new soap,lotion etc.. or changed your diet in any way.Could it be that the material of new clothing or a new bra is causing this problem?So many women have these king of rashes when they wear certain types of bras.Please click on the link below so you can have an idea about these many complaints from women.At the end of the page of this link, you can click on the numbers to read more.


Try wearing a cotton bra for a few days and see how it goes,but if you don't see any improvement,you could certainly pursue this matter until you find an answer..As a patient you have the right to request a biopsy and if your doctor does not agree,then find one who will.A dermatologist could also perform a biopsy.
Really hoping that it's not IBC,but I don't blame you for wanting to have this rash investigated.I know I would.
Best wishes...

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