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Post Lumpectomy Breast Hard and Heavy,Uncomfortable

It has been 4 weeks since my second surgery.December 31 I had a lumpectomy. Two weeks later, January 15, I had partial mastectomy and Sentinel biopsy with removal of 1st lymph node (NO Cancer). I am about 4 weeks since second surgery and I am still so uncomfortable. My breast feels so heavy and hard. During the day my arm brushes against my breast and by the end of the day I feel very sensitive and sore. Actually, the only time I am comfortable is when I am laying down. I am still using ice packs...should I switch to heat? I have read about massaging the breast and exercises but I wasn't given any. The beginning of March I start Radiation and I want to have my breast feeling better before that starts. Can I get some suggestions from others who had the same feelings? I would love to bear my breast to some fresh air and sunshine but Michigan, bare breast and February don't mix :)
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Glad to hear your surgery is over and there was no invasion into the lymph system.
I believe that after only 23 days post op you are really rushing things as far as your breast feeling normal. Healing takes much longer than that in the tissues beneath the skin. Follow that GREAT advice from "zouzi" and ck. with your Surgeon about any other measures to lessen your discomfort.  Regards ....
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Thank you, I will definitely switch from ice to the heat and checked with the Dr regarding the rest.
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I am glad to know that your lymph nodes were not affected. That’s good news!
It's not unusual to feel discomfort after a lumpectomy. As nerves regrow, you may feel pain such as you have described. The hardness could be due to scar tissue that will slowly be absorbed into the body.
Acetaminophen, usually can address the pain related to nerve injury. Ice packs are usually applied for only a day or two after you return home from the hospital.
Wearing a good supportive bra, applying “warm compresses” and massaging the breast gently,can help in the healing process. But please, just to make sure, call your Doctor and ask if the remedies I mentioned above is recommended for you okay?
Best wishes and good luck !
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