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Post Stereotactic Biopsy Pain

Since a biospy on Nov.7,2002 I have had a dull ache in the breast. There is no redness, swelling,ect.  just and ache which radiates into the armpit. The biopsy results were benign, showing microcalcifications and fibrocystic changes. The surgeon's nurse did not seemed concerned about these new sensations in the breast since there was no fever, redness,ect.
Also, what happens in 6 months when I have another mammogram, should I seek a second opinion before undergoing the stress of another biopsy? I can only describe the experience like someone
holding you at gun point for a month, only to say..."hey just kidding"  and walking away.  I know the best news is that the results are benign, but I hate to think of going through this nerve racking experience again.  Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear catskew:  The ache you are describing may be due to scar tissue.  Hopefully, your next mammogram will be negative or unchanged and no biopsy will be necessary.  But it is good news that all is negative.
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A year ago I had a surgical biopsy and had no pain when I was told to expect to be sore for a week or so. 6 months ago I had a stereotactic and as it is less invasional did not expect the 8 weeks of constant pain which I experienced after. My OBGYN said it must have damaged a nerve. I now have no pain but have more of a scar form the stereotactic than form the surgical.
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In June 02 I had a stereotatic biopsy with a diagnosis of IDS.  Surgery had to be postponed for 3 weeks due to hemotomas and extensive bruising to the entire side of the breast where the biopsy was done.  Even after this waiting period, my surgery took considerable more time due to the bruising complications in evaluating margins and tissue. In the future, if needed, I will not do this type of biopsy again.
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A related discussion, post stereotactic biopsy pain was started.
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