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Radiation Question

I recently had surgery to remove a 4-5mm DCIS, non-invasive.  I have started my 30 radiation treatments and will then go on Tomaxifin for 5 years.  This is a non-gentic DCIS.  My question involves the radiation.  

Would the integrity of the radiation be affected if I had all 30 treatments but instead of having them over a six week period had them over a 5+ week period?  Due to my husband being relocated with work I would like to complete my radiation 4 days earlier and would like to do 2 treatments on 3 or 4 days.

Thank you for your help
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This would be a question you should be asking your Oncologist. He/She knows all the details of your particular case and would be the only one who could answer this competently without comprimising your health and treatment.
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