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Radiation and Scar Tissue

I had breast surgery about 13 yrs ago.  I'm in great health and feel wonderful.  I eat right, drink only reverse osmosis water, stay away from food additives (aspartame,splenda etc.) as much as possible. I started spitting up blood about 3 years ago. It lasted a few months then went away.  In Feb.2006 it came back.  Sometimes I feel a pulling in my chest if I get in certain positions.  I've been careful not to extend that area becuase I have spit up blood when I do.  I have no pain.  Can the scar tissue from the breast cancer cause this problem? If so what can you do for it?  I'm a Veteran and am in the process of getting a CT ordered.  The chest x-rays and the test with the scope down my throat, was clear.  Thank you.
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Dear Cathy Rose:  Spitting up blood is not a side effect of breast surgery, particularly if it was 13 years ago. Spitting up blood is not normal and should be evaluated by a physician.
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