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Radiology group of 4 Drs are giving me different advice! I’m so confused.

58 yrs old with saline implants for 24 years. I had mammogram in July 2017 microcalcs found Birad 3 with 6 month follow up. Did the follow up in May 2018, a second radiologist said 2 areas of micr calcs BIRAD 4 with changes since last mammogram in July 2017, recommended biopsy.. 2 days before biopsy a 3rd radiologist called me to say he felt the the calcifications were in the capsule of the implant & biopsy not necessary. In July had 2nd diagnostic where 4th radiologist said Birad 4 Called me in to say if I were her sister she would tell me to have the biopsy. So surgeon office called to say the hospital would call to schedule. 3 days go by, no call so I call surgeon and she says the same radiologist as last time feels it’s to dangerous to do that implant would rupture, and he still feels it’s in the capsule. I am at a Loss with what to do, besides getting an opinion from a surgeon in NYC. Has anyone here dealt with this confusion?
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