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Raised lump on nipple

I am a 39 year old otherwise healthy female, no kids. History of fibroadenoma, last ultrasound Ausgust 2016, all fine. Three days ago, getting out of shower, I noticed a lump on my right nipple - on the nipple itself, not areola, sitting just above the opening. It is a smooth raised, part of the nipple, I have no pain, dryness, itch or discharge. It goes creamy/white when cold, then reverts to normal colour when I warm up. I have prodded at it a bit, when I push the nipple inward for a moment and it then pops out, most of the nipple is the usual colour but this lump is completely creamy/white, it slowly turns back to red. Any suggestions? Could something sinister appear in a few days?
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First of all, the odds that this has anything to do with breast cancer, are very doubtful. Sometimes a little cyst or pimple can form on the nipple or areola. The nipples contain glands like the skin of the face. If the pores get clogged and secretions accumulate, this can become infected and manifest as pimple. You should not touch or try to squeeze the lump, just keep the area clean, apply warm compresses, a little Neosporin and see if it goes away in a few days. If it does not go away, you should see your doctor or a dermatologist who can prescribe a medication to prevent future development.
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