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Random burn between armpit and right breast with a small lump or nodule

I am 52 years old and still have my period. In the last few weeks I have been experiencing a burn in between my right armpit and breast accompanied by a small lump or nodule. I'm out of town and away from my general practitioner for 8 more weeks. Is this something I should be worried about or is waiting 8 weeks safe? Please advise. Thank you, Gina

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Hi Gina,
Usually painful lumps are not indicative of breast cancer…It could be anything such as a cyst, an infection or a swollen lymph node. Nonetheless a lump near the axilla area is always concerning and over the internet it is difficult to estimate what it could be without proper investigation. Please have this seen by your doctor and undergo work up such as mammogram and ultrasound. This will be much more reassuring to you and will certainly reduce your stress. Waiting 2 months until you see your doctor is not very far off but I think it’s better if you could contact a Breast clinic or a nearby hospital for a breast exam, just to make sure things are fine.
Best wishes..
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