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Rash on breast

Hello,everyone. I have a concern over a rash that has been on my breast off and on for some time. I am posting it on this forum to see if anyone else has had this problem. The rash started in early Nov.2011 as a circular rash right next to each nipple on each breast. The spots itched like crazy and soon I had several spots all over my breast (top of breast and sides then reaching to the underside). I had not taken or used anything new and had no new meds. I tried to treat it with creams for eczema and even used fungal creams that I purchased over the counter. Nothing helped. I made an appt. with my gyno. and he sent me for a mammogram. It came back abnormal and I had to do another with a spot compression and ultrasound. This mammogram came back showing some scattered fibroglandular densities bilaterally (mostly in the left breast but a few in the right). Because I had never had a mammogram they had nothing to compare this mammogram with so I am due to go back in April. They feel like everything is fine and this is normal changes in my breast. After several calls and visits to my gyno.(and an oral and cream steroid)he told me I would need to visit my dermatologist. I did so in early Jan.2012 by which time I still had rash but not as bad. He did a biopsy. It came back as either an allergy or something called pitaris rosea(? sorry I'm not sure on the spelling) which is a rash that comes as the result of a virus.That made sense to me because I had been sick before the outbreak. It was said to last 6-12 weeks but once you were done you are more than likely immune from ever getting it again.I was at the end of that time so I was beside myself with joy. The rash cleared soon after and I thought everything was fine. Then Feb.2 the rash starts coming back. Only on my left breast this time (which is the breast they showed the abnormal reading for my mammogram). A little redness on my right but not even enough to really notice--I do because it is my boob.Now the rash on my left breast is alot worse. Starting on the left outside and going under the breast. The only thing I notice now about both situations is they both happened right after I had my "period". I say it that way because I have had a hysterotomy due to endometriosis and I still cramp like a period and sometimes (but not always)spot. Both of the times I broke out with rash happened after I spotted with period like systoms. I know a rash can come with cancer,but more often than not it is a skin condition. I'm sure that is what mine is. However, I would like input from other women who might have had this experience. The skin where the rash is is rough to the touch,but it is not swollen like the pictures I see of inflammatory breast cancer. Is the skin always swollen and hot or can you have a regular looking rash that won't go away? Don't get me wrong it is any angry looking rash but not swollen and hot. I have never had eczema....could this be it? And why only on my breast and nowhere else?  I went to using only ivory soap and I don't use perfumes anymore. I just don't feel like it is an allergy but have no idea why it won't go away. Thank you in advance for any info you can share.
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Mammogram/ultrasound report states: "Numerous punctate microcalcifications discovered on magnification views of the left breast, probably representing sclerosing adenosis as described above with similar though less numerous microcalcifications seen o the right. These are felt to be benign as well. Conservative followup advised with repeat left diagnostic mammography and possibly sonography in about 3 months to establish a baseline for this patient"

I also called back my dermatologist and have an appt. on the 20th.
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Your rash sounds as a skin condition rather then Inflammatory breast cancer.Symptoms of IBC do not get better,it progresses very fast and would be moving much faster than what you are describing.This rare type of breast would include -rapid unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, blotchiness on breast,persistent itching of breast or nipple,thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast,swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or ridging of the breast,flattening or retracting of nipple,a lump that may or may not be present.
A skin biopsy such as you had would have certainly shown if you had this disease. .
Skin rashes can be short-lived, recurrent or chronic and could be caused by many factors such hormonal changes in the body, pityriasis rosea, eczema,yeast infection, psoriasis or allergies that could be caused not only by soaps and lotions but also by Irritants such as clothes made of wool, synthetic fabrics ( material in your bras?) .Wearing natural fibers, like cotton, that allow air to circulate over affected areas can be help minimize irritation.I heard many women who developed a rash cause by certain types of bras.
Because your rash is getting worse I would suggest to you to visit your doctor for a complete medical evaluation to make sure that there isn't an underlying problem.
P.S Sclerosing adenosis is a benign (non-cancerous) finding that may slightly increase a person’s risk of breast cancer.
Your breast microcalcifications are not suspicious,but look mostly benign,otherwise your radiologists would have ordered a biopsy.A 3 months recheck is standard procedure to establish stability since you don't have a baseline for comparison.
Best wishes...
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Thank you for your help. Have a blessed day. =)
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