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Reactive Lymph Nodes

Could you please explain, in lay terms, what my pathology report read as "Fat Necrosis, Lymph Node(s) Exhibiting Reactive Follicular Hyperplasia."  I'm a 38 yr old, breast reduction two years ago, sister w/DCIS age 40. Found a rubbery mass near armpit, Diagnostic mammo/ultrasound clear, but noted dense breasts, assymetry, which my radiologist said was very common post breast surgery.  Surgeon agreed to remove mass, which ended up to be quite large, 3.2 x 2.0. She assured me the findings were very benign, and my surgery/fat necrosis in the breast area are the most likely reason the nodes were enlarged. Does your clinic demand a DEFINITIVE answer as to why nodes in this area are enlarged, or should I be satisfied with "the most likely" answer? Do doctors ever know the definitive reason for node enlargement, or is this the best answer I should expect?
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Dear virginiagirl:  As the node was removed, the pathology is the definitive answer.  This describes a benign reactive lymph node.  Lymph nodes function as "filters" for any foreign body.  If there is an infection, surgery, trauma etc. lymph nodes may react and become enlarged.  Sometimes they stay enlarged.  As long as the pathology is benign, no need to worry.
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