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Really Scared - Please Help...

I am a 31 y/o female, non-smoker/non-drinker, competitive powerlifting athlete (bodyfat under 12%) and law enforcement officer, with not a whole lot of breast tissue to begin with.  Have had lumpy breasts that have gotten worse in the past few years; I have pain mostly on the underside of my breasts - just about where the breast and muscle/ribs meet.  It flares up when heavily palpated (i.e. deep soft tissue massage, just after heavy bench press/chest work, and in conjunction with ovulation and my menses.  Some months are better than others.  In terms of pain, it can range from a dull soreness to sharp pain when pushed on or heavily palpated.  Initially saw a GYN out-of-town at my duty station (work for the government) who felt that both breasts were fibrocystic.  Saw my own GYN today (back home), and had her examine the breasts even though I am approx. 5 days out from menses right now.  She said she felt my breasts were fibrocystic and lumpy, but due to my complaints of breast pain (L is a bit worse than R), is sending me for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound on Monday (I leave back for my duty station on Wednesday).  To top it all off, she felt a left adenxal mass that she said felt like a cyst during the pelvic exam, so I'm also in on Monday for a pelvic ultrasound; so I'm a complete wreck now.  I have no nipple discharge or inversion, the skin and size both appear normal.  Up to this point, my self-exams and doctor-based exams have been lumpy but normal.  My questions surround possible causes and needing any advice or information that can better educate me.   I got home from the doctor today and hopped on the Internet, and am now convinced that I've got metastatic breast cancer to the chest wall...  I just need a knowledgable voice of reason and a helpful hand.  Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!
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hello kris,

the fact that the pain is associated with ovulation and menses makes it a strong case for fibrocystic breast changes and not cancer. metastatic breast cancer is a late form of breast cancer, and is associated with a lot of symptoms like weight loss (massive), bone pains, coughs (if it has spread to the lungs).

i think you just need to relax and not make it any worse by worrying. seems like you have very good doctors. trust them =)
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Hello there,

Wow you havent been diagnosed with anything but yet you have diagnosed yourself with metastic breast cancer. I have breast cancer and totally understand the scare in the possibilities of it spreading. It's VERY scary, but think about it, you dont have a diagnosis.

Think about this, the chances of you having breast cancer or any other type of cancer is VERY low. And it will really help you to NOT diagnose yourself on the internet, you can literally drive yourself crazy!!

Im sure your fine and you may just have some benign stuff goin on. In the mean time try and chill and let the tests tell you whats up not the internet.

You'll be fine I just know it

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