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Recovery time after lumpectomy

I just went to see a surgeon and he wants to do a lumpectomy on my left breast and as he was examining he felt something on my right breast and wants to do a biopsy on that one.  I asked him how much time I would have to be out of work. (I work in patient care and have to be able to to lift 50 pounds) He said that I could go to work the next day if I wanted to.  Also he has a sign up on his office that said he doesn't carry malpractice insurance.  I am thinking about going to see someone else. Please help me!
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Dear Jannar:  The timetable for returning to work depends upon the procedure done, the surgeon's preferences, and the limitations of the job.  In most cases, there would be some limit to heavy lifting after any surgery.  If you are not comfortable, you should seek a second opinion, preferably with a breast specialist.
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I had an excisional bx which actually turned out to be a lumpectomy. Recovery was timely but I don't think I would have wanted to work (as you described) the next day. Especially if you're looking at both sides. I must say that I was more uncomfortable (soreness) after the lumpectomy than after my mastectomy. I can't say that the sign you mention would make me seek a second opinion BUT being the least uncomfortable with this particular DR. WOULD. Put yourself at ease ..... no matter what it takes. Best of luck to you .. "One who has been there".
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I had a lumpectomy and was told NOT to lift anything heavy the next day.  I'm sorry I don't remember how long I wasn't supposed to lift.  I specifically remember because I could not carry the birdfeeder in and out at night (and that is not even 50 pounds).  I would think that heavy lifting could cause more bleeding.

See another doctor, if possible.

Best of luck to you.  And try and take it easy the next day.
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