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Recurrent Several Fibroadenomas

I am 21 years old. I have had several breast fibroadenomas. It started when I was 15 years old. Because my mom is a Stage 4 breast cancer survivor, the first lump that was detected in me was taken very seriously. I had it surgically biopsied and it was larger than a softball. In surgery, several fibroadenomas were found and removed that were never detected by my ultrasound.

Since then, I have had over a dozen LARGE fibroadenomas removed and others I have had needle-biopsied. In regards to the size of these fibroids, for example, my newest addition to the family of fibroids came out of nowhere. 6 months ago, in my ultrasound, it was not there, but 6 months after that ultrasound, I had an MRI, where they found the newest fibroid to be 4 cm! So they are growing quite rapidly! Doctors have also found pseudoangiomatus stromal hyperplasia in both breasts. The catch is, I experience a great deal of pain that radiates from these fibroids. I have seen several doctors who have suggested everything from acupuncture to Tamoxifen. I have tried nearly every holistic method in the books. (Acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, yoga, pilates, special diets, healing touch therapy, etc.) I won't try serious medication such as Danzanol or Tamoxifen because the risks are too high. As I said, I am 21, I would like to babies someday and these medications can challenge my ability to procreate.

I am throwing my hands up in the air. I have debated getting a mastectomy for years and feel I am almost completely ready to do it so I can get my quality of life back to what it was before this all started! It's been too long. Can anyone offer me some insight as to if this is a good idea? I have doctors who will do the mastectomy and reconstruction, but I want to make sure I have exhausted all options prior to something irreversible. Does anyone know of any other treatment for fibroadenomas? Or any other cases similar to mine? I have never heard of someone going through fibroadenomas like I have had! HELP!
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there is a technique called cryoablation that is being used to get rid of fibroadenomas without surgery. Basically it is a needle inserted to the fibroadenoma and the tumor is frozen. Then over time it simply absorbs. You can check out more information by searching the web or ask a breast surgeon in your area who has heard of it. Just because your mother had breast cancer does not mean you will. You should have a genetic evaluation first. Also fibroadenomas usually don't cause pain. Good luck!
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I haven't had genetic evaluation because of the risk(s) it has on my insurance. I know that just because my mother had breast cancer doesn't mean I will get it. I was just acknowledging the fact that there is a family history. Thank you for your help regarding cryoablation; I will look into it.
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Looked into cryoablation. Turns out that can only be done if you have under three fibroadenomas. I have several. Darn.... Back to square 1.... HELP.
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I can see why you would be more than willing to undergo Mastectomy for your problem. You already know that it is a decision that only you can make but it certainly seems reasonable considering all that you have been through with multiple Fibroadenomas. Even with the cryoablation it would not prevent more from developing. If you have been advised that mastectomy / reconstruction is feasible then by all means proceed. As far as the genetic testing; you already know that you are of increased risk due to your Mother's cancer so I can't see that it would benefit you. Knowing that you are positive for the BC gene would be of value to any daughters you have or might have in the future. Best of Luck, whatever you decide. I think you have indeed tried every option available.  
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