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Recurrent breast fibroadenomas

Hi,, I am a 35 years old woman with family history of breast cancer. I've been suffering from multiple bilateral breast fibroadenomas since I was 20. I had a lumpectomy twice, last one in 2013.. 3 masses were excised the largest one measured 3.5x2.8x2.2 ( Fibroadenomas with fibrocystic changes and duct ectasia, focal cystic changes with apocrine metaplasia is seen). Few months after the operation I felt new lumps, had an ultrasound and it revealed 3 new fibroadenomas in the right breast, the doctor said nothing to worry about, come back next year. But lately i noticed that the lumps are getting much bigger quickly, and they are causing much pain before and after the menstrual cycle, with some pain and burning sensation in my armpit. Do I need to worry about the new lumps and have a biopsy? Do you advise another lumpectomy? Thanks for your help.
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I wouldn't say that you should worry about these tumors as they are a benign finding. BUT ... they can grow rapidly although they can be left alone, if they become quite large and/or cause considerable discomfort they are usually removed (lumpectomy). Of course they can be biopsied before removal but if they are causing discomfort I say remove them. Many women have Fibrocystic Breast Condition and unfortunately you are one of them. Kindest regards ....
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Thank you very much for your answer.
Best regards.
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