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Red Patch on Breast?

I got home today and took my bra off and noticed a red stain. Then, looked and saw a red patch about an inch long-which looked like it had been bleeding. My mom said it was a heat rash, but there's no itching. It's a tad bit sensitive to touch. I don't think my boobs are swollen, but they are tender. I'm 18 and breast cancer has been in my family, so I'm kind of panicking. Help?
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Not all red patch on breast are cancer. If you have a medical condition or a family history of certain breast cancer, talk to doctor. But please do not panic.
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If you have no other symptoms except this red patch, I doubt that it has anything to do with breast cancer.The skin of the breast is like skin anywhere on the body and is subject to rashes, irritations, allergic reaction to the material of a new bra, soap, lotion etc...
If you notice that this problem is worsening and continues to be of concern to you, please bring it to the attention of your doctor for evaluation.You could also consult a dermatologist.
Take care....
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