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Red bruising/capillary breakage on breast

Two weeks ago I noticed my left breast had some strange looking bruises that resemble capillary breakage all around the left side of the nipple and breast. These areas are red in color and have both dot like pattern and spider vein look to them. I also noticed a pink splotchy irritation circling the nipple area that prompted me to visit my OBGYN office.

The PA there told me it was a yeast infection and sent me home with 3 doses of Diflucan. Take 1 pill every 3 days.
I followed the plan and returned for my 2 week check up. The redness appears worse and the bruising is more prevalent. I am 33 years old with no breast cancer history in the family. I have 2 children, breast fed both and currently wear 40 D.

I was told that the bruising could be caused by irritation during exercise (I am exercising daily, trying to lose weight). Has anyone every heard of this happening before? I do wear support during exercise. One bra I use often, I was measured for by a bra fitter. So that makes me think this is not the cause.

Additionally, I do have a sore spot underneath my left under arm, but no lumps felt when pressed. I am nervous! Any idea if this seems like it could be close to IBC or anything else I should worry about?
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Hi, I think your concern about IBC is warranted. This does not mean I think you have IBC, but nobody thinks that, right?
I would see a breast surgeon specifically.

Please let us know what happens.

All the best for now,

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