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Results - Mammo and Ultrasound

Today, after 4 weeks of what can only be described as fear and anxiety (that's putting it mildly - one day I was shivering with fear) I went this morning at 8.30am and had a Mammo and U/S.

My story is brief - big breast (J), reduction 15 months ago, sudden hardness/mass, small lump referred by doctor.

I took my parents along for support (I'm 37 which is pathetic but that goes to show you)!!!  The Mammo was uncomfortable but quick. When I walked into the U/S all I heard was the doctor saying the words "suspicious" as he looked at my x-ray and I started to shake with fear.

I was made to feel comfortable as I had the U/S done with my mum siting beside me.

I could see the U/S screen as he put the gel on my right breast and did the test. It looked all clear but what do I know?

Well, turns out I do. Because there is nothing wrong with the right breast - just heavy scar tissue from trauma to the breast from reduction - I wanted to cry with relief.

Then came the left breast. The one with the small lump. I knew it had gone down but could still feel something. The doc asked me where. Then he did the U/S test with the gel and nothing showed up (said it was a cyst).

I was so happy that I couldn't stop hugging everyone afterwards.  So I just want to reassure people that it isnt always worse case scenario and yes, cliche as it is, the not knowing drives you mad.

I've had my cancer scare and I think it's made me revaluate my life. I want to thank everyone who has been kind to me on here when I was really scared and to show my love to those who are still unsure of their results and those who know already.

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I know the feeling... first, the anxiety in not knowing; then, the relief in knowing. Congratulations... I'm truly happy for you!
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Hi Nayia, you sure kept me in SUSPENCE!!( LOL,) till I almost finished reading your post!! Phew!! You truly are a great story teller...I feel soooooooo glad for you for this very happy ending.You did remind me how fear can drain us out and this feeling is so horrible!!.Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us.Best wishes and take care.
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