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Hi everyone

I am 43 years old. I am living in the UK and receiving National Health Service (NHS) treatment. I posted in early February after I had been for a mammogram and ultrasound for a large lump in right breast. I had numerous views taken at the time including magnification. I was told that I had several large cysts and a possible fibroadenoma. Calcifications were also present. As I had very little knowledge at the time, I did not even ask if they were macro or micro. I did inform the medical staff that one of my young sons had jumped from the back of the sofa onto my breast. The consultant stated that my breasts were ageing, but he wanted to see me for review in three months time, although it would probably take longer for the appointment to come though. As I was very nervous at the time, I didn’t ask any questions.

I am going to see him for a review appointment this Thursday. I was just wondering if you think it would be appropriate to ask for a biopsy. I believe it is fat necrosis, as I only noticed the lump after my son jumped on me. As it is such a large lump, I would be keen to avoid surgery and quite happy to leave it, if it fat necrosis.

I would appreciate your comments
Kind regards & thanks
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Thank you for your reply. I attended the breast clinic today and met with the consultant. he told me that I have fibroadenosis and that the only management required would be yearly mammograms. I am very relieved.
I wish you all well.
Kind regards and thanks
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Addressing the calcifications first :  Macro or Micro .... it's whether they are scattered about the breast tissue (which is normal) or seen in clusters/groups. If they were clustered I'm sure a biopsy would have been recommended at the time. Fibroadenomas can become rather large and often do .... they are usually left alone unless they become terribly bothersome but are often removed in women past the age of 40. It could hve been fat necrosis due to the injury or even a hematoma. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to discuss the biopsy with the Dr. but he will no doubt be able to determine by further imagery (Ultrasound) if this is an option at this time.  Keep us posted after your appointment ..... Regards
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