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Right Breast

I just found out I have the early stages of carcanomia in the right breast.  I had three little cysts biopsied and they found a cancer cell in each, but not in the tissue or surrounding areas.  They are 2 at 2cm and 1 at 3 cm.

What are my options.  Can I have a lumpectomy on the three or removal of the entire right breast?  I don't want a totally masectomny.
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If you did indeed mean cm when describing the size of the cysts then they are by no means "little". I would think the next step would be up to your Surgeon as I imagine that you have been referred to one since your biopsies. It's impossible to speculate over the internet regarding what type of surgery would be appropriate in your case. I hope that you will be seeing the Surgeon fairly soon and he/she will have the answers you seek.     Regards ....
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