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When my dr upped my hrt patches from 25mg to 50 two days later l had a discharge from my right breast nipple in one duct,  this comes itself but pressing underneath gently even by putting my finger this comes out sometimes watery, sometmes pink and on tissue dries brown, yellowy pink and hard.   My dr has referred to the breast clinic and l have no lumps - l am very very scared l go 25th april and am panicing and so scared, can anyone help please

some days my nippe is very itchy but no rashes just red on the nipple, we are due to go on holiday on 10th may, l had a full blood count and that was okay

my friend was diagnosed with myeloma on 25th april last year and the date is scaring me even more

thank you
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Your post has been answered a few days ago, please click on the link below.


Nipple discharge could be due to many benign causes as is also nipple irritation.
As I commented on your first post,the HRT could be causing the problem you are having due to an increase of estrogen in your body.
Please try not to worry too much,soon you'll be seen at a Breast Clinic and the doctor will examine you and order the proper test "if needed" for a correct diagnosis.
Hoping that this is only a minor problem that can be easily treated.
All the best...

P.S Please, if you have any additional questions or comments,it would be better if you keep them on the same thread by using the space below the answer/s you have received.This helps to have all your information together so we can better help you.
Thank you.
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