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Saline Implants

I am a 58 year old female who had a simple mastectomy in November 2003 for a 1.1 cm invasive medullary carcinoma. The sentinel node biopsy was negative and the tumor was ER/PR negative and Her/Neu negative.  I underwent four chemo cycles of AC that were completed 3 weeks ago. When I go for my post-op follow-up with the surgeon next month, I would like to start the reconstruction process.  My first choice would be a saline implant, but I have several concerns.  
1)My remaining breast is size 40C. Would the surgeon be able to provide me with a fairly good match in size and structure? At 58, I have some "sagging" of the remaining breast.
2)Will the 6 month delay between the mastectomy and reconstruction cause problems with getting the tissue to expand? I do have a considerable amount of tissue left in the area of the mastectomy.
Thanks so much for your help.
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Dear Belleview Teacher:  Your plastic surgeon will be the best equipped to give you an answer as it pertains to you.  However, the amount and quality of tissue remaining will dictate the amount of "breast" that can be provided.  Very often, in larger breasted women, a good match may require a "lift" on the opposite side.
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the time interval won't be a problem at all. As to matching the other side, the plastic surgeon will have to evaluate you to decide. Sometimes a reduction on the opposite side is recommended.
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