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Scar Tissue and Pain

I had a lumpectomy in Jan. 1999.  One day I had pulled the seatbelt across me and the pain shot through my breast, it was painful.  I will have pain shoot through my breast, it will feel like fire.  2 weeks ago I went to my gynecologist about the problem.  He said there was a mass 7 cm. x 3 cm.  Well I went to have an ultrasound and a mammogram and went to the surgeon.  He said there's no mass there, but where I had the other lumpectomy there is a lump.  I suspected scar tissue at the very beginning because it is painful.  This pain is almost constant and goes up into my shoulder and arm.  I will be having surgery on January 8th.  Can this pain be connected to the lump or scar tissue in my breast?  And am I making a big deal over this?  The doctor said we could watch this lump and come back in 3 months.  My husband asked the doctor if we wait 3 months could it develop into something, the doctor said yes.  But then my husband said he didn't understand why I wanted to be cut on, I said that I was scared and wanted to have it out.  So please help me understand why I am having this pain and if it is associated with the possible scar tissue.
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Dear Meloria, The concern would be is what is this lump? the answer to that question should be determined with the surgery.  It is probably best to have this checked to be sure of what you are dealing with so you are being treated appropriately.  It is possible that this lump is causing your pain, and hopefully by having it removed the pain will be resolved.
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Okay its 4 days until my surgery and I would really like some information.  I would like to know if pain from scar tissue from a previous lumpectomy can cause pain.  There is also a lump there that can be felt, at the site of the last surgery.  Can someone please help me.  Thanks!
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