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Scar Tissue or Lump?

I am 47 and had a 4.5 mm area of DCIS removed 18 months ago after 2 biopsies (wire-loc then re-excision)with no follow-up radiation or meds (my choice0. Today surgeon examined my breast and said he feels a lump which he is 90% sure is scar tissue but wants to biopsy it to be sure. I have recurrent cyclical pain and recently some unusual discomfort in that breast. He will do an ultra-sound Monday to rule out cyst but says no point in doing another mammogram (had one 3 months ago). This is overseas in a military hospital. Is there technology in the states that could more clearly differentiate this as scar tissue vs. a lump? I can't clearly feel it myself. Should I wait?
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Dear Speechlady, Not really, perhaps an MRI might give a different picture but would still not be able to tell 100% whether what is seen is scar tissue or something else.
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This is interesting since my surgeon told me specifically that he would order a mammogram 3 months post surgery to establish a new baseline and identify any scar tissue that might develop.
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getting a new baseline mammogram 3 months after surgery is what I recommend, also. As to the lump in question, the simplest thing is to do a fine-needle aspiration; ie, putting in a small needle. If it's a cyst, fluid comes out, it goes away, end of problem. If it's not fluid, then the needle will be sampling the area and the material can be looked at under a microscope. If it looks totally innocent, and a mammogram is also innocent, the chance of missing tumor is really small. However, not every location has pathologists skilled in analyzing such small samples.
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Thanks for the comments. I am asking the surgeon about the fine needle aspiration. I have a feeling he will say they cannot do it here. Should I go back to the states to have it done and avoid another biopsy?
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i too have had a lump (directly on my incision) show up five years after the fact (surgery).  my doctor says "scar tissue."  i said how does scar tissue show up five years later?  they did a fnb -- missed the spot.  ignored me telling them this.  you said a cyst will bring out fluid.  what will scar tissue produce when using fnb?  thank you so much.
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I also had a biopsy 2 years ago.  Diagnosis was :Fibrocystic change including moderate ductal hyperplasia.  No evidence of atypical hyperplasia or carcinoma".  The original lump was just beneath the left nipple.

A couple of weeks ago I had my annual mammo...the radiologist said it was "okay", but I need to see my doctor for another exam and possible MRI in 3 months.  I can feel the scar tissue on the incision area...it is hard and right along the scar.  The doctor felt a "thickening" to the right of my left nipple and is concerned. My left breast has felt "full" for the past few months as well.

Now I am really scared.  My mother passed away from breast cancer 3 years ago....her mother died from it as did HER mother.

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A related discussion, bx done in oct and now aug.scar tissue or new lump was started.
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