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Scar Tissue? pain

I had a lumpectomy last April, a huge very deep fibroadenoma was removed.  In Dec. had followup mammo/sonogram and that side was fine but two things were foundon other breast.  One was a cyst for certain but the other was "questionable".

I went to the surgeon who looked at all the pictures and said probably need to make certain what was going on.  She examed me (both sides) and said lets asperate the cyst and go from there.  So she did (she spent a huge amount of time to explain everything so she didn't rush me like this sounds). While she did aperate the one she had me change positions on the table several times and with the sonogram really looked at the other spot.  She said she felt certain it was a cyst but she was going to try and sample it.  She did - it was very very deep (my eyes were closed!) and she was able to asperate it.  Both had clear fluid.  Several band-aids later and I was home.

Now the problem is with the breast that had the surgery in April.  Where the scar is has become quite sore.  This happened after her exam, by the way.  The scar changed color to slightly pinkish in a small area but not the entire scar.  It is sorish all the time but sometimes pretty sore, if that make sense.  Certain movements are uncomfortable also.  I am putting vitamin e oil on the scar and have been for quite sometime.  That breast simply "feels different" than the other one.  

Any idea's?  Did the scar tissue tear during the exam?  I have no idea's but feel like I'm being a baby since this is the opposite side that was just worked on.

Thanks & for wonderful board
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Dear eaglemom10:  Anytime there is scar tissue that is manipulated there is a possibility that it can tear - and this can conjur up a variety of sensations.  However, if this is unchanged or gets worse after a couple weeks, you should let your doctor know.
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It can take over a year for scar tissue to stabilize and become inactive. Whereas it's not really likely to "tear" it after that long, exam could make it more sore for awhile. The firmness in the area may never go away; but as was said, it shouldn't get worse. If the soreness continues or gets worse, have it checked again. By the way, vitamin E doesn't do anything for scars topically. Scars get paler as time passes (usually) no matter what you do or don't put on them.
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