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Scar tissue

yes I have a question.I had surgery for breast cancer 3 years ago this Oct.I went throught cemo and Rad.About 3 months ago I began haveing bad pain in the breast.Now I am having so much pain the docor have me on 1000 mg a day of pain killer.I have had a new mag and utlter sound but they did not see anything.I can hardly use my arm.The pain under my arm is so bad.I can feel something but the doctor cannot.What can I do for this?The doctor thanks it is scar tissue .
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Dear doiefamily:  It is quite possible that this is scar tissue.  However, if you are having this much pain, it would make good sense to get to the bottom of what is causing this.  If your doctor is unable to locate the problem, consider a second opinion from a breast specialist.
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Thanks so much for answering me question.It have help.I will try and get a second opion.but it is hard with no insurance.Thanks again
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