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Seeking for second Opinion -Rescue
Hi, My name is Coco Yap, from Malaysia.
I am seeking for second opinion and consultation from all the professor who involve breast cancer.

Well, My sister diagnosed to breast cancer at October 2007,She in 32years old, single. Now she getting worst,she declare to Metastatic breast carcinoma,indication from CT chest and abdomen dated 10 April 2008.


The lung parenchyma and the mediatistinum are normal.
The Tumor Mass in the right breast is larger measusing 5.6cm in diameter with infiltration of the adjacent pectoralis muscle.
The right axillary lymphnodes are slightly smaller- 1.0cm in diameter.
There are multiple liver metastases with the largest measuring 2.0cm in diameter.
There is a mass in the right ovary with cystic and solid areas measuring 6.2cm in diameter.
The left ovary is bulky measuring 2.8cm in diameter.
The uterus is bulky with hypodense area in its body measuring 1.8cm in diameter. fibroid.
No significant pelvic lymphadenopathy,
Minimal ascites in the pelvis.
There are small scieriotic foci in the L1 vertebrae. bony island.

carcinoma of the breast with progressive metastatic disease.

Therefore, She did a 6x cycles chemotherapy but seen no improvement in stated. We advised to continue to molecular Targeting Therapy- Herceptin+ chemo.

Well, i did found a cryosurgery were located in Guang Zhou.

Frankly speaking, i really need to get more second opinion or consultation to me what should i go through with more effectiveness for her since she in critical situation now.

Wish to hear from your prompt reply as soon as possible.



Coco yap
Email- cocomomo_3***@****
Skype- cocomomo316
mobile- +6012 3348700

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Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear what happened.  Cryotherapy will be of limited and questionable use at this point since this will only address one lesion at a time (localized form of treatment) compared to continuing chemotherapy with or without the biologic treatment Herceptin (chemotherapy is a "systemic" form of treatment which means it targets all the tumors at once, compared to a localized form of treatment).  However, localized form of treatment can be given for palliative purposes.  Meaning if for example the breast mass is really painful or is infected, then you may opt to have this surgically removed to improve the person's quality of life.  Even with this intention, cryotherapy is still questionable.

It is OK to seek second opinion with another oncologist and I suggest you discuss with them regarding the points I have raised above.  For the moment, it seems that chemotherapy (systemic therapy) is the best form of treatment for your sister.

I hope she gets better, and hoping for the best.  Regards.
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