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Seen the Consultant Finally

On Thursday I saw the consultant and he felt my neck, throat and my armpits really hard and then my breasts - god they really press and I was aching after.

He said to me that "in his professional opinion" didn't feel anything suspicious and that my boobs (his word not mine) were lumpy and still healing from the op (I had a breast reduction over a year ago) and some fat necrosis.

They are still sending me for U/S and mammo because he doesn't have "x-ray vision" and at least the tests will focus on all the lumps and other bits to make sure but he thinks they will come back normal.

I wont feel 100% satisified until I have the tests.  
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I agree, we're never fully satisfied until we get the final word.  Sooooo normal.  I'm picking up in you post that you are not completely thrilled with your consultant.  This is just me, but I would find some of his language a bit insulting and unprofessional   -- disrespectful, I guess is my impression.  If I'm stepping out of bounds just let me know!

If you don't have great chemistry with this person, switch and find someone with whom you do.  It's your body and your health and that's a very personal relationship.  I've got a team, each one of whom I hold in the highest esteem, both personally and professionally.  Wouldn't trade a one of them.

Best wishes, and let us know how things turn out!

Warm regards,

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o well thats good that he's being thorough and that he doesnt think its anything too worrisome. when are the tests? hope they go ok. x
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