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Seepage from milk duct?

This is a strange question, and might not be the right forum - but here goes...

I had a breast reduction in 2000. It was a C cut I believe, where they cut underneath the breast in the shape of a C and I have a scar line up the center of the breast to the nipple. So I guess it is a C with a center line.

I have had 3 children since my reduction, and was able to partially breast feed. I never got much production of milk, and ended up only being able to provide partial milk, and for only a few months per each child.

I have very fibrous breasts, and I have recently had breast pain, and pain into the arm/armpit on my left. I have recently had a spot, near one of my scars on the left breast (the vertical line down from the nipple - about 1" below my nipple) which has squished out a kind of light brownish milky substance. Is this from an irritated milk duct after breast feeding, from after the surgery - or should I be concerned about cancer? My last child is now 3, and I haven't breast fed since he was 4 months old.

I can't feel any different lumps, as my breasts are like I dunno - popcorn... (lol) very lumpy. And although I do exams, they have been pretty useless so far. There could be a spot where there is pain where there might be more of a lump, but I couldn't say for sure.

I know it is a strange question, but would appreciate any input. THANKS. : )
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Thank you for the advice. It is appreciated.
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If this discharge isn't from the nipple itself I don't see how it could be from a milk duct. I don't really think that I would be terribly concerned about breast cancer but this could be some type of infection within the breast itself (like an abscess) and I would certainly see your Dr. about it. If this is some type of infectious process it needs to be diagnosed and treated. Since you do have lumpy breast tissue a breast exam by your Dr. is definitely in order and then perhaps some type of imagery such as an Ultrasound to determine the true nature of this discharge.   Regards ....
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